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It's difficult to find a perfect space to just think, to relax, nowadays. It's a constant cacophony of raging sounds and voices trying to be heard over each other. Rising ever higher to the point where you don't know who's voice is who's. Or who's talking. It's at times like these that I just feel like I need to shut away the world. Find a way to stop the endless noise if even for a little moment of absolute silence. Some rare few moments have occurred where I was able to shut out almost full conversations, drawing away in my sketchbook, and emerging from this glorious silence I created temporarily confused but with a finished sketch staring up at me. I can never remember how I do it, all I know is when I do it and where. 
I have often been asked where I wander so aimlessly in those times. I find that it's actually fairly difficult to explain, and even I don't fully understand what goes on in my mind when I wander off from the world around me. It's almost as if I were somebody dif
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Heartbeat p3 (Loki x Reader)

A/N: Hey! So sorry for the very long wait. I had and still have a bunch of things going on at the moment and might not update quickly, but bear with me. Those who I owe oneshots to know that I am trying my best to get things done. Congratulations to Mizz90Avenger for the winning cover in the cover contest! The cameos may not come in this chapter but will appear in later chapters. Onto the story!
"You can't fool me Loki." she hissed as we paused in the hallway. "How could you pretend to die and not think of what the impact on people in your life would be? (y/n) has gotten worse and worse these past few weeks after I told her the news of your death." I could only stare at the shorter woman speechless. "I-I didn't know of her condition, and Odin told me before I was sentenced to life in the dungeons that she was killed in the attack I led on New York. Every one els
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Heartbeat p2 (Loki x Reader)
"So what brings the mighty Cobalt here?" (y/n) stated playfully. Serenity took a deep breath and let it out slowly. 
"It's about Loki..."
The cheery expression on (y/n)'s face melted away and worry with a glimmer of hope took it's place. "What? What about Loki?" the frail woman asked hastily. She knew of the crimes he had caused and his true heritage but she didn't care. To her he was the same Loki. The man she loved. Serenity took another inhale of breath and exhaled it slowly again. She was getting very nervous having to deliver this horrid news to her dear friend and she didn't wan't to accidentally break something in the room with her telekinesis. "Thor took him out of imprisonment to face a threat to the universe and to get revenge on their mother's death, and to save Jane Foster's life." the woman with short blonde hair and an odd natural streak of cobalt blue spoke softly. (y/n) hung onto every word her friend
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Heartbeat (Loki x sick!Reader)p1
A/N: This is set after Thor the Dark World. Part of it is set when Thor is talking to "Odin" at the end of the movie. Aannnnnd I pulled another Stan Lee ^^' I just can't help it.
Warning: feels
Thor knelt before his father solemnly while the older man processed the fact that his son had refused the throne. "Loki for all that's brave and balanced understood rule the way I know I never would. And the brutality of sacrifice, it changes you. I'd rather be a good man than a great king." Odin was a bit taken aback by his eldest son's remark. "Is this my son speaking, or the woman he loves?" Thor gave his father a small scowl. "Loki was in love with a wonderful woman who had made him a better man. That was before you forbayed him to ever see her again for the same reason that you dislike Jane, because she's mortal." Odin's eye widened gradually and he had to take a breath before continuing. "And this woman. Where is she now?"
Thor frowned a
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I Do Not Love You (Loki x reader)
It had been three years since Loki had confessed his love to you and showed SHIELD he meant no harm to the planet anymore. He was captured with his love for you and your love for him. No matter what he is or what he's done, you see past that and love him endlessly. The two of you had been dating for three years. Three years of pranking together, having special moments together, gazing at the stars, and visiting Asgard through the many secret paths Loki knew of. It was as if fate had brought the two of you together in a perfect match.
Loki was currently seated on the couch in the living room of your's and his apartment reading Coriolanus... For the fifth time. Soft music played throughout the room causing Loki to look up from his book as he saw you saunter into the room with a bright smile on your face. He recognized the tune of the song but couldn't place his finger on the name of the song. You sat next to Loki and he set his tome to the side after marking the page. 
~*I do not lo
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Simpler times by serenity-luvs-leo Simpler times :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 0 0 Leo And Raph And Me. by serenity-luvs-leo Leo And Raph And Me. :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 0 0 Supergirl by serenity-luvs-leo Supergirl :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 1 5 Kunoichi by serenity-luvs-leo Kunoichi :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 0 1 Chibi me by serenity-luvs-leo Chibi me :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 0 0
Costume Shirt 2 (Loki x Reader x Tom Hiddleston)
A/N: This takes place 22 years later than my fic Costume Shirt so Tom is 28. And Tom was adopted by James and Diana Hiddleston (who had changed his middle name to a more British one, William) at age 7. Everyone was forced to forget about Loki, and the Avengers for some reason (not telling you yet ^^") It may seem like I'm breaking the fifth wall but psch, it was shoddy construction anyways. There may be more than one part to this. Depends on my mind's creative process (It can get realllllly crazy in there XD) And without further ado, I present the story who's title was too long to put in the title box (curse DA's 50 character limit for titles)
Costume Shirt 2: Distant Memories
Tom sighed as he sat on his couch in his living room and sifted through the things that he had from his childhood before he was adopted. He had just gotten the rather decently sized box from his parents' attic for developing the characte
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Lit tag by serenity-luvs-leo Lit tag :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 0 0
Mature content
Kiss It All Better (Loki x Reader) :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 30 26
Turtle shell backack 1 by serenity-luvs-leo Turtle shell backack 1 :iconserenity-luvs-leo:serenity-luvs-leo 2 0
Writing to some is just an everyday task.
A requirement for everyday life.
To me it is different.
Writing to me is a lifestyle.
Some dare to say it is a mere hobby.
That is not entirely true.
Writing is a part of me.
It is as if ink runs through my veins.
Bursting forth from my fignertips.
Forming words.
Spilling the black blood over the page.
Forming a prose that is powerful yet delicate.
These words words coming forth from the inkwell of my heart.
And being captured on the pale white paper.
Fueled by imagination and inspiration.
Writing is a part of me I can and will not change.
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In the Face of Death
As far as I could into the darkening brush.
From the ominous figure lurking in the middle of the valley.
The figure's hand outstretched imperiously.
For me to hand him my soul.
Like a terrier who doesn't want to bring a ball to it's master,
I approached again.
Into the face of death.
They snapped their fingers sharply,
And I was succummed to darkness.
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